questions about your child's first year of school

How soon should you begin thinking about your child's first years of school? Some parents begin planning and applying at different preschools very early, while others wait until the year their child will start. How many preschools are in your area? Do the classes fill up quickly? Does your child have special needs? What age will you start your child in preschool? What do you hope for your child to get out of preschool? All of these things will come into play as you make the decisions about your child's first year in school. Visit my website to learn how to get the answers to these questions.

Why Give Your Child Guitar Lessons?


You want your child to learn an instrument, and they've gained an interest in the guitar. Guitar lessons can be beneficial in many ways, not just musically. Here are reasons why you should consider guitar lessons for your young one.

Guitars are not expensive

You can buy a beginner's guitar at a cheap price. A beginner's guitar is not made with the same materials as a professional guitar and is often smaller in design. As your child learns to play and continues with their interest, you can upgrade them to a more expensive instrument.

Many people only play guitars for a little while, then turn around and sell their instruments online or in the newspaper. Check around to see if there are used guitars in your area. If not, you can always buy a cheaper guitar at your local music store. Your guitar lesson teacher will also give you advice for finding cheap guitars, or they can let your child borrow one for lessons only.

Guitars are easy to store/care for

A clarinet needs to be properly cleaned and oiled regularly to maintain its playing qualities. A piano takes up space and is hard to store. Guitars simply need to be tuned periodically—you can do this yourself with a tuning instrument or let your guitar teacher do this for you—and require little maintenance and cleaning care.

Guitars are also very portable. Any time your child wants to take their guitar anywhere, they can. Simply invest in a plastic or other hard-covered guitar case or a strap and your child's guitar is ready to go.

Guitars are versatile

Other instruments don't always have the opportunity to be played outside of concerts or special requests. Guitars, however, are meant to be played anywhere. Once your child gets confident with their playing abilities, they can take their guitar to church, camping, and other functions and just play for fun and entertainment.

Guitars teach patience

To play the guitar well, the learner must learn how to position their fingers, follow notes, and do other things. Your child will learn how to be patient with themselves as they learn. They will also discover that patience pays off once they learn new songs.

Your child will gain confidence and learn much through basic guitar lessons. Over time, your child will advance in their playing abilities and be able to enjoy the guitar in many musical ways. With all the benefits of learning the guitar, you'd be crazy not to sign up your child for kid's guitar lessons


30 October 2018