The Importance Of Music Education For Small Children


When you are looking for a daycare or a preschool, you need to consider many factors. You want your child to be safe and to learn the basics: counting, ABCs, and socialization. Another thing you should consider is music education for your child. Numerous studies have shown that learning music offers your child a number of advantages. Before you register your child in a facility, inquire about their approach to music.

27 September 2016

4 Alternative Ways to Expand Preschoolhandwriting Skills


A key part of preschool learning is establishing and enhancing handwriting skills. While a child learns a lot in the classroom, there are skills that can be further learned at home. By mixing both home lessons and school strategies, your child can advance their handwriting skills and word processing. Not only can the following five activities help with handwriting, but they can also help create improved fine motor skills. It's a good idea to try out each of the ideas and then move forward with the ones that your child responds best to.

8 January 2016