3 Reasons Why Your Child Behaves Better at Day Care than at Home


Have you ever heard your child care providers tell you what a sweet child you have, only to encounter a meltdown on the way home, a picky eater during dinner, and a monster at bedtime? You may wonder why your child seems to behave well when they are at day care but doesn't show the same self control and respect when they are at home. If you often wish that your child's behavior was more consistent between caregivers, there are three things you need to understand.

13 July 2015

Flush The Fuss: Talking To Your Toddler's Teacher About Toilet Training


A child's first years in preschool can cause many conflicts between teachers and parents as children adjust from living at home to spending a significant amount of time in a public environment. One area that you may not be prepared to discuss with your child's teacher is toilet training. However, it is important that you know your school's methods and policies regarding toilet training and share any complications your child may be having at home.

5 May 2015