Choosing A Good After School Program For Your Preschooler


The right after school preschool program for your preschooler is essential if you want to keep your child happy and well-rounded. However, it is important that you ask certain questions before enrolling your child in any program. Here are some of the most important questions you should find out the answers to. Will there be food and snacks available? This question is extremely important. You should never assume that an after-school care program will provide your child with food and snacks.

4 April 2018

Going Back To Work But Your 4-Year Old Has Never Been To Daycare? 3 Tips To Help Them Make The Transition


If you have always stayed home with your child but you have now decided to go back to work, it will take time for your child to get used to not being home with you each day. If you have chosen to put your child in child care and have found a great daycare already, there are things you can do to help make the transition easier on both of you.

7 November 2017

Tips For Meeting Your Child's Educational Needs


A child's education needs can be some of the most important for a parent to meet. Without a rigorous and quality education, your child may find that many opportunities in life are closed. While it may seem like this is only an issue that you should worry about as your child approaches college age, instilling positive learning habits and skills will start when your child is still fairly young. For a new parent, there are a few pieces of information that they should consider before making a decision about their child's school:

25 July 2017

3 Important Aspects To Look For In An After School Tutoring Program


Choosing the correct after school program for your child can be difficult. There are academic programs, social programs, adventure programs, and creative programs. If your child is struggling with their studies, you may decide to enroll them in an after school tutoring program. But not all tutoring programs will give your child the solid foundation they need to succeed in school. Below are a few aspects you should look for in a tutoring program if you want to see positive academic results.

26 June 2017

Preparing For Your First Meeting With Your Child's New Tutor


If you want to hire a tutor for your child, or sign your child up for a tutoring service, it's time to meet the tutor and discuss your mutual goals for the child's time during the tutoring sessions. You've likely already discussed this somewhat, of course, when you were first getting names. But now that you have a specific person or center in mind and are very interested in having them start tutoring, you need to look at details.

17 April 2017

The Importance Of Music Education For Small Children


When you are looking for a daycare or a preschool, you need to consider many factors. You want your child to be safe and to learn the basics: counting, ABCs, and socialization. Another thing you should consider is music education for your child. Numerous studies have shown that learning music offers your child a number of advantages. Before you register your child in a facility, inquire about their approach to music.

27 September 2016

4 Alternative Ways to Expand Preschoolhandwriting Skills


A key part of preschool learning is establishing and enhancing handwriting skills. While a child learns a lot in the classroom, there are skills that can be further learned at home. By mixing both home lessons and school strategies, your child can advance their handwriting skills and word processing. Not only can the following five activities help with handwriting, but they can also help create improved fine motor skills. It's a good idea to try out each of the ideas and then move forward with the ones that your child responds best to.

8 January 2016